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Destructive Self Talk

The Power of Self-Talk: How to Empower Your Inner Voice

What we tell ourselves determines how we see and feel about ourselves, so why does self-talk become self-sabotage for so many of us?

“You’re an idiot, not good enough, not capable. You’ll fail, why bother?”

You wouldn’t let someone else speak to you like that, so why allow your inner dialogue to take over your mindset in this way?

Self-Talk = Self-Sabotage

We’re always talking to ourselves, but rarely pay attention to what’s being said or where it comes from.

However, when we lift the curtain of our subconscious, we shine a light on the thoughts and beliefs that make us who we are.

It’s not always a pleasant sight.

As you move through this time of global uncertainty, your inner dialogue has probably become louder. With more time to spend by yourself, your negative self-talk is inevitably amplified.

You might have lost your job or now spend your days working from home. Or maybe you’ve had to adjust to social distancing restrictions, giving up weekend brunches and personal training sessions for a more self-directed and individual approach to life.

If your inner dialogue once played a supporting role for your mental health, don’t worry if negative self-talk is taking centre stage. What’s important is learning how to change your internal dialogue from being an antagonistic villain to an empowering hero.

Just lift the curtain of your mind and turn on the spotlight.

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

So, you’re ready to interrogate your internal dialogue and start your journey of empowerment.

But first, you need to understand the characteristics of your negative self-talk.

These fall into four categories:
  • Catastrophising: You always expect the worst and override logic with forceful emotion, thinking your life is a tragedy waiting to happen.
  • Personalising: You believe everything’s always your fault and your life is likely filled with shame and guilt.
  • Mental Filter or Magnifying: While catastrophising is about expecting the worst, magnifying only shows you the worst. This can lead to being incapable of acknowledging positive forces and feeling like you’re drowning in the negative aspects of life.
  • All or Nothing/Black or White Thinking: You see the world as black or white—there’s no in-between. This means you think there’s no way out, leaving you feeling trapped and powerless.

If you’re having trouble identifying what kind of negative self-talk you suffer, write a list of your critical thoughts. Documenting self-talk will help you become aware of your inner dialogue. It will also help you form a plan to build positive self-talk.

Are You Ready to Flip the Switch?

Transforming your self-talk from negative to positive takes persistence, just like forming any other positive habit.

Changing your perspective may be easier said than done. This is because it’s easier to say discouraging things about yourself than it is to prove negative self-talk wrong. Even if it seems like an uphill battle, always remember: You have the power. Ultimately, you can be the master of your thoughts even if it takes a little extra time and effort.

But before you practice positive self-talk, you need a plan.

The most effective way to see the way forward is to understand where your negative self-talk comes from. Unravel your mind and expose your thoughts for what they are. Determine what areas of your life need attention or what areas you can draw strength from.

If you’re prepared to deal with negative self-talk as it occurs, you’ll be able to remain present and poised in your quest to change your perspective.

So, where are you at with your inner dialogue?

Have you experienced a toxic takeover?

Are you struggling to manage negative thoughts as they arise?

Or do you need to look deeper into what shapes your negative self-talk?

If you want to delve deeper and begin your transformation, take advantage of our complimentary exploration session. We’ll help you identify your negative self-talk and show you how to transform your inner dialogue into an empowering, optimistic voice.

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